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Juliet Antwi Amoah

In the 1990s, a number of gospel musicians were in the limelight and produced excellent songs in praise of God.

Over the course of their careers, artists such as Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Jane & Bernice, Mac Abraham, Mary Ghansah, Stella Dugan (at the time, now Stella Seal), Helena Rhabbles, Suzzie & Matt, Tagoe Sister, Yaw Agyemang Badu (YABS), Pastor Joe Bechem, and many others have used music to praise and exalt the name of Our Lord God Almighty.

Juliet Antwi Amoah is one of them, and she also released heavenly songs that are spirit-filled and uplifting for the spirit.

Juliet Antwi Amoah is arguably one of the finest Gospel songbirds due to her incredible compositions and her lovely voice. Her beautiful voice explains precisely why the human voice is the oldest known musical instrument.

‘Fa Me Ye (Use Me), Ne Din Ne Yesu (His Name Is Jesus), Gye Wayeyi (Receive Your Praises), and Mekamafo (My Redeemer) are among the songs on her albums “Gye Wayeyi, Anidaso, and Fa Me Ye.”

“Gye Wayeyi” by Juliet Antwi Amoah was recorded in 1992 and produced by her husband, Tony Amoah. He has continued to be her producer ever since. Both of them have produced fantastic worship and praise songs.

As a matter of fact, Juliet has a true gifted and refined voice that makes God awestruck, even though not all musicians are vocally gifted. Almost all of her songs have messages of virtue that have motivated thousands of people.

Her ministry has been greatly influenced by God’s power throughout. ‘Woy3 Onyame’ (You’re God!) is one of her songs that actually extols God to the highest. The Supreme Being and his love for humanity are discussed in this song.

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Juliet wrote most of her hit songs while she was living in England and released them in Ghana. Her most recent album, “Anidaso,” which means “HOPE,” was released in 2020 and contained seven inspiring songs.

“We worship the Lord for who he is, not for what he has done for us,” Juliet Antwi Amoah says.

As a result, that has been the source of the majority of her songs.

In point of fact, Juliet Antwi’s songs have some kind of special effect on people, in addition to having good sound quality, great composition, inspiring lyrics, and strong vocals.

When it comes to the Gospel, she has consistently been at the top of her “game.” Christians have been captivated by Juliet Antwi’s one-of-a-kind performance up until this point. She is without a doubt one of the country’s best vocalists.

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