Jurgen Klopp May Bring In New Players To Strengthen The Squad

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp is idealistic he may bring in new players to the team, regardless of the fact that, Coronavirus has affected the club’s finances.

He has however not closed the transfer window on Liverpool totally. It was not clear whether, Klopp will invite new players but as indicated by him:

“No I cannot say definitely we will not bring anyone in, but anyone thinking that was good news was to be left disappointed.

“It is just not likely because of the situation in the world. We should not forget that the situation is a tough one for all people, and for football clubs as well.

“There might be, I don’t know, there might be some clubs who have absolutely no financial problems. But this club always was and always will be, with these owners, very responsible with the things we do.”

An enormous bit of fans, as they so regularly do, clamored for fresh debuts, new blood to reinforce the team and give extra dimensions.

Yet, the Reds manager has consistently insisted that patience would be the best for the fans, as the club studied their accounts to build up what should be possible.

He further said:

“We have a really good squad, we have see what we can do, we have to see what have to do, we need still more time. Time will hopefully bring a bit more clarity about the future and then we will make our decisions”.

The 53-year-old conceded that in ordinary conditions, Liverpool would plunge into the market to facilitate the weight at the back.
“If the world was in a normal place, everything fine, we won the league, Champions League and the club was in the best possible situation,” Klopp said.

“And then we had three senior centre-halves, plus Fabinho, plus kids, and the three seniors are all injured, would that be a situation where normally we would do something? Yes, definitely.”

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