Justin Timberlake On Flawed Music Industry In America

Justin Timberlake

It’s consistently been a subject of conversation in America, with regards to the whites being given more acknowledgment in the music business than the blacks.

The black artist consistently grumble of bigotry against them in all circles in the industry, with the whites consistently on top. In a proclamation delivered by Timberlake in tending to the issue, he said:

”The music industry sets men, especially white men, up for success. It’s designed this way. As a man in a privileged position I have to be vocal about this, because of my ignorance, I didn’t recognize it for all that it was while it was happening in my own life but I do not want to ever benefit from others being pulled down ever again. I have not been perfect in navigating all of this throughout my career”.


Justin Timberlake has as of late been voicing out after his statement of regret to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson sprung up.

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