Kantanka Automobile Is Manufacturing Electric Cars Soon!

Ghana, indeed most African countries have for quite a while been discovering intends to manufacture vehicles onto the worldwide market. Exactly when this belief system encompassed the psyches of many, then came Kantanka automobile. This company has been in presence since 2001 and from unassuming start as an innovative organization, Kantanka vehicle immediately dove into auto making.

The Ghanaian vehicle company has experienced thick and thin to get to this far. Many questioned their abilities to produce vehicles particularly for the worldwide market yet the company refuted everybody.

Today, Kantanka vehicles is one of only a handful not many vehicle auto making companies in Africa and by a long shot, rivaling some vehicle organizations around the globe. Curiously, the Kantanka brand make both salon and four-wheel drive vehicles for the all markets.

Kantanka vehicles which are assembled in Ghana from CKD (Complete Knock Down) units provided by a Chinese firm, conceivable Foday through Chongqing Big Science and Technology, has since its beginning been liked by many individuals.

The creator, Dr. Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka began with imaginative innovation, for example, fabricating a TV set, horticultural machines, talking robots, fridges, and so many other innovations with phenomenal developments.

After creating the above, he acknowledged the time had come to go into vehicles. Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka unquestionably came up with a locally manufactured vehicle and was generally welcomed by lots of people.

Notwithstanding, a segment of the people didn’t accept he could do this all alone therefore, thought the autos were imported and marginally took a shot at to suit his brand as Kantanka. Fortunately, tagged as the Star of Africa, Dr. Kantanka refuted all skeptics with an open gathering as he started making a vehicle from the scratch to finish to the stun of many available at the scene.

With SUVS Automatic Engines, Kantanka autos have won the hearts of many including the government of Ghana who have acquired more than 450 of their vehicles for different services and offices.

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A great deal of unmistakable personalities in Ghana and beyond the shores of the Country have likewise acquired a some of these vehicles whose names are simply fascinating.

The vast majority buy the vehicle dependent on the names: Omama, Amoanimaa, Opasuo and others. Indeed, before I continue, check out the names of some model of vehicles Kantanka has in their carport underneath:


Kantanka Nkunimdie SUV

Kanatanka Omama Pickup – a rebadged Foday Lion

Kantaka Onantefo 4×4 pickup/SUV

Kantanka Onantefo SUV a rebadged Foday Explorer 6

Kantanka Opasuo

Otumfuo SUV

Kantanka K71 little SUV – a rebadged Brilliance Jinbei S30

Kantanka Amoanimaa

Kantanka Mensah

Military hardware

The General Manager, Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka Jnr.

Fortunately, Kantanka car is going to fabricate electric vehicles as promised few months back by the General Manager of the organization, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Junior. These vehicles are set to travel between Accra and Kumasi before they are energized. Evidently, the target of this electric vehicle move is to lead the development fight being pursued via vehicle producers. Kantanka will soon get up to speed with all business sectors around the globe with a key move outside the African mainland.

Kantanka automobile first opened a portrayal in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Perhaps, the following move will be Liberia as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the previous leader of Liberia, has likewise purchased a Kantanka vehicle with a genuine crusade for this young Ghanaian manufacturing company.

All vehicles produced by Kantanka have their own special features that will most likely pull in you to buy one.

  1. The Kantanka ‘Onantefo’ – has an encouraging and loosening up insides separated with steady seats with interesting designs, powerful atmosphere control framework to breeze out your pressure. The vehicle has a motor limit of 2.4 Multi Point Injector (MPI), with a moderate fuel utilization of 10.3litres covering 100km every hour.
  2. Omama Luxury – has a stupendous human-machine interface with interesting exemplary style. Worked to lessen recurrence of support and operational expense. It accompanies a motor limit of 1.9 Turbo-Charge Direct Injector (TDI) with fuel utilization of 7.8 liters covering 100km every hour.
  3. Mensah – A programmed salon vehicle which has 4866mm long body and 2775mm long wheel base. It has an inductive straightforwardness open trunk with trunk size 510 L enormous. The vehicle offers a 2.4cc motor size with a four-wheel autonomous suspension framework.
  4. K71 – A lavish superior vehicle with a ultra-current standard specialized highlights that ensures the wellbeing, comfort, and the general fulfillment of the client. It accompanies a driver front airbag, ABS/EBD framework, Rear Camera View, the vitality engrossing controlling segment with a one of a kind 1.5 cc motor limit and a fuel utilization of 5.8litres covering 100km every hour.
  5. Omama Hard Body – The vehicle has an all-new turbo diesel motor with the limit of 2.2cc and a fuel utilization of 7.8 liters per 100 km street spread. ‘Omama’ has an extremely intense body with a breeze extravagance view and offers a wide scope of decision with a wheelbase of 3025mm and a stacking mass of 500kg.
  6. Amoanimaah – A salon vehicle fueled by a 1.5-liter four-chamber motor that produces 102 pull. A five – speed Automatic Transmission Standard with an attractive dull inside styling fitted with delicate touch surfaces with better front seats and extensive at the back, and a low running expenses of 6.4 liters per 100 km fuel utilization.

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