Kanye West Is Reconsidering Running For President, And He Thinks His New Spouse, Bianca Will Be An Incredible First Lady

Kanye West and Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori will be taking on significant responsibilities, as Kanye West is thinking about a second run for the U.S. presidency after a fruitless $12.4 million campaign in 2020

Yet again, sources say Kanye is planning to run for president again in 2024.The rapper is contemplating running for President of the US, and he thinks his new spouse, Bianca Censori, will be an extraordinary First Woman.

Kanye spent more than $12.4 million of his own money on a presidential campaign in 2020, but it just didn’t work out.

He got an extraordinary name for his party, The Birthday Party, since he said, “when we win, it’s everyone’s birthday,” and he thought it was something God thinks he should do.

According to the source, Kanye will undoubtedly run for president again. It also added,

“He’s brought in Dov to help run Yeezy, and has given Bianca a lot of responsibility so he can focus on his 2024 presidential campaign.” This time, his run for president is better planned, and he’s not in the public eye as much. His divorce from Kim Kardashian has also made him feel more like a regular person. The source also mentioned that “Bianca would be the perfect First Lady.” They said: “[She’s] unorthodox, intelligent, and supportive of him.”

Bianca is now reportedly in charge of some of Kanye’s financial affairs, allowing her to handle important money matters for him.

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The relationship between Kanye and Bianca is said to be going very well. She is always there for him, loving, and patient. They believe she’s better at managing him than Kim Kardashian, on the grounds that she’s totally committed to him.

Of late, Kanye West and Bianca Censori have been facing criticisms in Italy since some people think Bianca’s clothes are excessively exposed. Some even maintain that she should be arrested or sent away from the country. They have been in Italy for a month, and Bianca’s outfit, which consists of tight bodysuits without a bra, has drawn a lot of attention.

She covered her chest with a black bag in one photo because her nipples were visible. On social media, a lot of people are upset about what she’s wearing. While earlier there were also reports claiming that Bianca is part of a Austrailian gangster family, which also caused quite controversy and speculations.

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