Kelly Rowland’s Dad Who Abandoned Her Has Finally Met Her In A Special Way

Kelly Rowland

It’s been ages, in fact three decades since American artist Kelly Rowland had an up close and personal association with her biological father, Christopher Lovett. Following 30 years, Rowland has at long last seen her father and has shared photos from the second she at long last met him.

The meet up was as a result of the ‘Fathers Day’ which was celebrated worldwide on the 21st June, 2020. The 39 year old singer, dancer, actress, and TV presenter was incredibly happy as she shared moments from the meeting she had with her dad on her Instagram account. As per Rowland, she endured a fit of anxiety only minutes before their planned get-together in October 2018.

Many people have asked questions as to why it’s been a long time and why now?. Evidently, Kelly Rowland was relinquished by her father at age eight, thus she had at first held a ton of hatred towards her father. However, she has finally disregard all that and make harmony with him, and this was a wonderful moment in her life.

With her dad

The image posted by Rowland saw Dad and daughter showing the vocalist laying her head on Lovett’s shoulder followed with a post:

‘This was the day I met Christopher Lovett, my biological father. ‘This was honestly one of the most pivotal moments in my life! After 30years of not seeing him, not speaking to him…what would THAT mean, for me, my family, my psyche? Well, this day in Oct. of 2018, I would find out.’

‘I finally found him, set up the meeting, and at this time I was filming “American Soul”, when I tell you I was petrified, I was walking to meet him, and my feet suddenly felt like they weighed A TON, needles to say I was overcome with anxiety, and I had a full on anxiety attack, in that moment I felt like the abandoned 8yr old.

‘My team calmed me down. And as I turn the corner, in my head I was cursing this man, “Why didn’t you come find me?” “Did you love me?” “Am I worthy?” And when I looked at him, and he looked at me, NOTHING CAME TO MY LIPS, not one word. I felt the Holy Spirit say to me,listen.

‘I listened to him, I was nervous to trust him, nervous to forgive him,nervous to love him nervous about it all. And the truth is, I already loved him. I spoke to my protective husband and those closest to me and they encourage me to forgive and jump! And since this time, I have forgiven, and we have spoken everyday since!

Interestingly, before reconnecting with her dad, Rowland conceded she was essentially keen on meeting his dad for her five-year-old child Titan, whom she imparts to spouse Tim Weatherspoon.

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Born Kelendria Trene Rowland, she rose to popularity in the late 1990s as a member of Destiny’s Child, one of the world’s top of the line young lady group ever, and later went solo. She has since that time done very well in the music business and the showbiz by and large.

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