Kelvyn Boy’s Advice On Drugs..

Kelvyn Boy

Ghanaian artist Kelvyn Boy has revealed that, not all smokers are “dirty and rowdy”, as has been perceived by many people.

He claims that this was the situation in the past, but times have changed.

The Afrobeat and Highlife star further added that, he knows the absolute most well-off and upstanding individuals in the public eye who smoke.

He said, most conspicuous artists in Ghana also smoke, yet no one knows about it.

Although Kelvyn Boy didn’t state whether he was talking about marijuana, tobacco, or both, he still shocked people on social media when he said he had “quit” smoking.

Intetestingly, he also warned against using “drugs.” Some individuals have concluded that he has perhaps stopped smoking, despite the fact that he was not gruff on the point.

“MISCONCEPTION: Smokers are grimy and boisterous… Perhaps then, at that point, yet I know probably the most extravagant and cleanest of people who are weighty smokers. Dead that thought today! Simply put, your favorite artist smokes. But I’m done. On January 30, 2024, Kelvynboy wrote, “Don’t do drugs, guys.”

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter asked the public to show the same level of enthusiasm as they did in the previous post when his next song was released in subsequent X posts.

In the upcoming single, he hinted at telling a personal but secret story that exasperates him.

“Being An Entrepreneur In Ghana Is No Joke”– Serwaa Amihere

In the forthcoming single, he indicated recounting to an individual however secret story that maddens him.

Kelvyn Boy, on the other hand, had stated in an interview with Hitz FM in 2022 that:

“if I don’t smoke, I will go mad. That is what calms me down”, he explained, admitting he smokes every time.

Demonstrating the substance he smokes, he named Bob Marley as a motivation.

Kelvn Boy said:

“I’ve learnt a lot from Bob Marley but he used to have it in his hand every time because he was real.”

Marley, the reggae icon, was a frequent user of marijuana, which is regarded as a divine plant in Rastafari and is used for consumption and worship.

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