Kendrick Lamar Was On GRAMMYs “Black Sounds Beautiful”

The GRAMMYs has a special show ‘Black Sounds Beautiful’ which is intended to celebrate Black artists, who have dominated in the music business in America.

Many of these artists have been featured on this show including rap Icon Kendrick Lamar.

Lamar, who has led the charge for hip-hop’s 21st-century evolution, has been phenomenal with his classic albums like 2012’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City and 2017’s DAMN.

Lamar has plaited an astonishing technical discernment with the real factors of the Black experience, all moored by his Christian faith.

In the new scene of “Black Sounds Beautiful”, the 13-time GRAMMY winner and 37-time GRAMMY nominee was celebrated in a whiplash one-minute about his life and career.


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Kendrick Lamar is basically a socially cognizant rapper from Compton on an individual mission.

His 2011 debut album, Section.80, contains the themes Lamar would return to again and again—albeit in relatively green form.

Song for song, you’ll hear references to the spiritual vacancy of endless partying (“A.D.H.D.”), Biblical justice (“Kush and Corinthians”), and the ’80s drug scourge (“Ronald Reagan Era”).

According to Lamar, he is making music that represents his generation, and their struggle.

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