Kenya Prepares To Use Ventilators To Fight COVID-19

In this time of coronavirus, all nations are putting forth a valiant effort to stop the infection rate in whatever way they can, and Kenya isn’t an exception, as the East African nation is set to start a mass-producing ventilators intended to be a complete emergency unit.

The PumuaIshi 2.0 with 100 pieces would be made day by day and 500 consistently when large scale manufacturing starts. The ventilators will be an immense lift to the war on the coronavirus in Kenya.

The Kenya Association of Manufactures (KAM) has named the model of the privately evolved ventilator, PumuaIshi 2.0, and it is entirely convenient, conservative, practical and simple to utilize.

It will likewise give intermittent positive-pressure ventilation (IPPV). The ventilator will also fill in as a manual or mechanical ventilator when a patient displays a concise stop of breath as well as difficult or toiled breathing.

The ventilator is such that, it can even be utilized by untrained individuals and can work constantly for as long as four hours without power.

Prior to using, the PumuaIshi 2.0 would go through an extensive tests and refinements for five days and thus go into large scale manufacturing for about a month.

Three institutions, Kenyatta University, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute are already in the process of mass-producing such devices.

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