Kenya’s President Says He Would Not Seek To Change The Constitution To Seek A Third Presidential Term

Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has recently voiced out the challenges he is facing through an interview in France. During the interview, the President denied battling against fear when he was asked some information about his challenges.

He also denied reports that the US military has searched authorisation to complete drone strikes in Kenya. As indicated by Kenyatta, regardless of whether such a solicitation were made, he would rapidly deny it.

Kenyatta additionally spoke about the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenya’s economic growth, just as an intention to break up Kenya’s parliament in view of an absence of sexual orientation fairness.

Speaking specifically about COVID-19 on FRANCE 24, the Kenyan President cautioned that it was too soon to say the pandemic was over. He said he had ordered an unwinding of restrictions in Kenya on the grounds that, the pattern of contaminations was improving. However, schools would stay shut for the present and wouldn’t give a date for their resuming.

Kenyatta conceded that Kenya had endured a shot, however the country had fared very well better than numerous countries around the world and included that he was hopeful for the fate of the economy.

He pledged to investigate every possibility in the misuse of Covid-19 funds by the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority. He said investigations had already been launched and would be sought after any place they may lead.

Talking about terrorism, Kenyatta said the danger in his country had decreased but Somalia’s Islamist group al Shabaab remained the only risk. He again denied reports of the US military and drone issues.

Addressing questions regarding an advise issued by the Chief Justice to disintegrate parliament since sex uniformity measures had not been sanctioned, he said that the decision was currently under the watchful eye of the courts, adding that dissolving parliament was not his goal.

People are of the view he may change the constitution to suit him to win elections for the third time but Kenyatta said on FRANCE 24 that, he would not try to change the constitution to look for a third presidential term and that, he didn’t wish to stay in power, even if a position of Prime Minister was made for him through a constitutional reform currently under consideration.

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