Kevin Costner Tells Us More About His New Travel App

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Actor Kevin Costner

Few years ago, Kevin Costner came up with a travel app that will caution travelers of remarkable, yet frequently inconspicuous, spots of interest along their journey in America.

The Oscar-winning actor said he was driven by such countless things particularly when he cruises all over America. During these excursions, he saw bronze markers en route, and he just needed to pause and read what is there. As indicated by him, when he sees these things, he gets excited.

Kevin Costner’s created travel app will help in sending convincing and opportune stories directly to travelers.

The app additionally plans to enlighten people about America’s history. The app — called HearHere — which was launched back in August 2020, serendipitously harmonizing with one of the biggest travel trends of the Covid time: the restoration of the journey.

Costner was inexactly associated with the application’s creator, business visionary Woody Sears, through their children, Sears said. While the app was in starter stages, Costner consented to portray several stories before ultimately joining the organization as a co-founder.

Travels are currently expected to rule in the world, as per a study, and almost 80% of American adults — or somewhere in the range of 206 million Americans — plan to take one, as per the overview of almost 1,100 Americans in March.

The HearHere App — which is billed as a “road trip story guide” — was in development even before the pandemic.

HearHere is to tell the stories of the people who first inhabited North America, a subject at the heart of his Academy Award-winning film “Dances With Wolves.”

Costner said he’s been involved with several start-ups, but this one “was in the wheelhouse of what I already do in terms of storytelling, and my kind of love of history,” said Costner.

From “The Untouchables” to “JFK” and “Wyatt Earp,” many of Costner’s most well-known movies have touched upon pivotal figures in American history.

A key reason for his involvement with HearHere was his desire to tell the stories of the first people to inhabit North America. It’s a subject he explored in the 1990 Academy Award-winning film “Dances With Wolves,” which Costner starred in, directed and produced.

HearHere has in excess of 9,000 stories to date, with themes going from Abraham Lincoln to Janis Joplin, and from Kentucky’s National Corvette Museum to Nashville’s music scene.

But to Costner, enlightening the harder bits of insight concerning U.S. history is fundamental as well.

“Our story is not always a great one. There was so much violence in America. We’re watching violence play out now across the globe … to think that that didn’t occur here — it did,” he said.

According to Costner, it’s important to tell the “ugly” truths about U.S. history. He said there is nothing to be ashamed of telling this story.

“We can be a little embarrassed, but it’s more embarrassing to not know.”

HearHere has been downloaded more than 400,000 times and has subscribers in every U.S. state. The company announced in February it had raised $3.2 million in seed funding, led by the American recreational vehicle company Camping World.

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Despite the fact that he’s at the bleeding edge of another mobile application organization, Costner showed he’s very little into tech.

The co-founders of the HearHere App: are Woody Sears, Kevin Costner and Bill Werlin.

According to Costner, the HearHere App has a model that lends itself well to international expansion. He said the company is still refining its business and listening to its customers.

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