KiDi’s ‘MonBeBe’ Video: A Snappy Review And Why It’s Beautiful!

Ghanaian vocalist KiDi has released one of his new music videos ‘Mon BeBe’, a video many music fans have put a lot of premium on and rating it as one of the beautiful videos released recently.

The 3 minutes 11 seconds video accompanies heaps of ‘ingredients’, making it a first rate video that absolutely stop people in their tracks.

The story behind ‘Mon Bebe’ is the thing that makes the video extraordinary, aside from the image quality, costumes and all other things under discussion.

Additionally, the video depicted the story in a way that is emotion-filled with each slide wonderfully following consecutively. ‘MonBeBe’ recounts the story it ought to and leave audience with possibly an infectious melody to correspond with.

There are few music videos that have been appraised as the world’s number one beautiful videos, which include: “Public Anthem” by Lana Del Ray, “Breezeblocks” by Alt-J, “Weapon Of Choice” by Fatboy Slim, and a few other videos.

However, KiDi’s ‘Mon BeBe’ video fits the bill to be perhaps the best music video which can similarly compete with other world class videos.

KiDi’s Speed Can’t Be Halted In Any Way Now!

KiDi is one of the finest Ghanaian artistes, with a mind boggling standing in the music business. He is a hitmaker who has been extremely predictable with huge loads of hit songs, that has won him several distinctions.

The Lynx Entertainment signer is also a fantastic singer, who is labelled by himself as the ‘Girls Dem Sugar’.

Watch the video below:

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