Kim Kardashian On The Verge Of Divorcing Kanye West?

Kanye with Kim

For quite a while, Award winning American rapper Kanye West has been acting somewhat odd with so many people discussing his acts. His recent conduct has gone past desires for a large number of his fans and especially, his significant other Kim Kardashian.

Reports say that, Kardashian is thinking about separating from the rapper after he is back from his bipolar condition. Despite the fact that, it is not 100% confirmed, all sources to this story is by all accounts reports that for sure, Kim Kardashian is set to leave the marriage.

A source near the couple says the anti-abortion stance remarks specifically have affected their marriage. According to the same source, Kim has the entire separation planned out already, but she’s hanging tight for him to get past his most recent problem.

Kanye first uncovered that he was diagnosed of bipolar in 2018 with the release of his record ‘Ye’. In July 2020, Kanye was in the midst of a bipolar scene, sparking worry among his family and loved ones.

In a particuarly stressing moment during a Presidential campaign event the same month, he broke down, cried and said that he and Kim considered aborting their first kid together.

He said:

“I almost killed my daughter,” he said. “No more Plan B, Plan A.”

This statement started some discussions among people with regards to whether he was ‘cool’ or not. Sadly, as at now, Kim Kardashian is not in good terms with her hubby Kanye West. And can’t tolerate it any more, since he is off- – source said.

The last time, part of his arrangement with Kim was that he’d get back on his drug and he would make a solid effort to control his impulses. He made a ton of promises. Also, now those promises are totally broken.

He is as yet acting weird. The source included that Kim couldn’t care less the slightest bit about the presidential run by Kanye, and that her emphasis is on their children.

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