Kim Kardashian’s Life Is Now In Danger

Kim Kardashian with her kids

Kim Kardashian has made a beeline for court after getting lots of letters that compromised her life and the lives of her children. According to TMZ, Kim’s legal advisor, Shawn Holley, raced to court Monday May 16, to get a restraining order.

Kim Kardashian claims that her life and the lives of her kids are in peril subsequent to getting a huge number of death threats via an email, including one for which the letter writer also threatening to explode her work environment with a bomb.

TMZ continued by revealing that, Kim’s legal counselor, Shawn Holley, rushed to court Monday May 16, to get a restraining order against David Resendiz, whom Kim claims she has never met. Kim claims Resendiz got her home and business addresses and begun mailing a blast of letters compromising her and her four kids in various ways.

Kim states in the documents procured by TMZ that Resendiz made numerous misleading and deceptive declarations with respect to her private connections. As per Kim, he’s made upsetting sexual references about her in his letters.

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Kim further stated that, he has threatened to kill her in many letters. She also claims to have received a written bomb threat in a letter addressed to one of her company locations on April 25.

Kim is requesting that a court order Resendiz to stay 100 yards away from her and her family and to have no further contact with them. She warns that if he is not restrained, he is capable of injuring or even killing her.

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