Kim Kardashian’s Luxurious Christmas Decor: The Criticisms, Reactions And More

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Winter Wonderland‘ themed extravagant Christmas enhancement was one of the lovely and expensive decos, with loads of people discussing it. Notwithstanding, numerous others are calling it ‘wasteful’.

For what she describes as a “true winter wonderland slice of heaven,” Kim Kardashian is receiving significant online criticism. In the comments section of her Instagram post, the reality television star was criticized for being “wasteful” and “out of touch with reality” among other things.

Kim Kardashian, famous for her extravagant lifestyle and expensive mansion, is being dragged online for over spending on the decorations. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star posted a video on her Instagram where she flaunted the extreme and noteworthy cluster of evergreen trees generally canvassed in counterfeit snow with the trees also gleaming ethereally with great many white pixie lights dangling from them.

The video was taken in the patio of her $60 million Calabasas chateau where she lives with her kids. It just so happens, it’s not only the decorations, the Skims owner also had 100 real Christmas trees arranged in her patio and inside her home.

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One specific corridor of her chateau had 26 of these Christmas trees similarly canvassed in white light and fake snow. She finished off the video with Babyface’s Colder time of year Wonderland and she additionally added the expression as her subtitle. However, her display of wealth elicited a different response from those who absolutely detested the video.

The vast majority of people in the comment section of the video were eagerly against the star’s display of riches.

The Comments:

One of them said “The amount of $ spent on this could’ve helped so many…” while another added “This is just so wasteful?”

Kim also had some people calling her out about using faux snow in her house when she could have gone to a snowy place for a Christmas vacation.

“So this is all man made snow, why didn’t yall just go to Colorado or something?”
Another said,

“So much excess. Out of touch with reality.” One of the comments that people seemed to agree with was “With the money that was spent with this spectacle could you not have perhaps toned it down just a smudge and donated a few million dollars to 100 poor families”.

Kim, who has additionally recently landed herself in a dangerous situation over her remarks about her and ex’s Kanye West’s former fight with Taylor Swift, has not expressed anything pretty much every one of the negative remarks under her video.

She has rather uploaded more extravagant photos of her and her family’s Christmas festivity on her X (previously Twitter) account.

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