Kisa Gbekle Speaks About Her New Song, Butt Lift And More

Kisa Gbekle with her dancers

Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has advised young ladies who are so fixated on lifting their butts or going for liposuction or tummy tuck to satisfy men to reconsider their decision prior to getting in to make it happen.

Tummy tuck is the surgical removal of excess flesh from the abdomen, usually for cosmetic reasons.

The actress, who recently had hers fixed in the United States, stated that she did so because she was having issues with her stomach following her pregnancy. She could not have possibly endeavored this, if she had not experienced any problems with her large gut.

She revealed that, she thought she could lift her butt a little after the surgery, especially since some of her fat was still there. But she’s telling young women who don’t have any issues with their bodies not to participate in this.

Kisa Gbekle spent €8,000 for this surgery, and says she is now pleased with herself after a successful procedure. At the point when asked by the host Doreen Avio on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on radio if this multitude of butt and belly surgery are a direct result of men, the actress answered with a big No!!.

According to her, she’s done with men for now because of reasons most popular to her. She even claims that she hasn’t had sex in three years.

The award winning actress further added in the interrogation which was granted on August 25, 2023, that she is genuinely working very hard and pursuing cash to have the option to take care of her child and numerous workers who are managing her football Academy Kisa FC, instead of thinking of these ‘problematic’ men.

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On getting back from the surgery in the U.S, fans and many people bashed her for that move. However, she asserts that, rather than listening to those people, she believes in doing things that will make her happy in life.

The musician continued the conversation by stating that she is naturally an introvert, but the release of her new single has forced her to become an extrovert so that she can continue her acting career alongside her music career with confidence.

‘People think I’m a miscreant, but it is nowhere near that. I’m not in any way a bad girl. I know myself and I know am a reserved person’, she said.

Kisa Gbekle is promoting her most recent single, “Korkor,” which means “knocking.” People who talk about you behind your back without speaking to you directly is what the song is referring to, she explained. Arnold, a friend of hers, was the one who wrote it.

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