Kwabena Kwabena Makes A Return With An Incredible Tune

Kwabena Kwabena

Since 2005, award winning singer and songwriter Kwabena Kwabena has without question, been one of the ‘flag hoisters’ of the Ghanaian contemporary Highlife music to date.

In 2005, Kwabena ricocheted onto the Ghanaian music scene with a delightful song ‘Asor’ which coexisted with essentially everybody getting into the rhythm.

From that point forward, he never gave up – but advanced and released great tunes reliably like “Obaa, Tokro, Bye Kwan, Meye, Kyere Wo Do, Royal Lady, Tuamudaa, Dadeanoma, Obaa and many other hit tunes.

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Notwithstanding, for around couple of years now, Kwabena Kwabena was missing in action, attracting questions from people about his whereabout.

Indeed, the talented singer went through a progression of challenges including marriage issues and so forth, but he clutched every one of these and has at finally bounced back with another hit single named ‘Kwadede’ which talk about Love.

Kwabena Kwabena is about Love music. He sings them with feelings, subsequently makes his tunes exceptionally matured, deep and as well, identify with lovebirds.


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His refined voice is one of his ‘assets’ that separates him from other vocalists. And that is what draws in more fans to his music, especially the women.

‘Kwadede’ is his new single tune that has acquainted him back with his fans after a long break from music. The 42 year-old legendary singer has always had something special for the fans, and – ‘Kwadede’ is no exemption.

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