LA Maison Ghana – An Eatery Place With A Stylish Edifice Prettifying The City

There are a great deal of restaurants in Ghana, but if you visit LA Maison café, you will affirm why it is one of the appealing spots other than the food and drinks.

The story behind this wonderful café is very fascinating, as a Lebanese fashion designer /entrepreneur who have moved to Ghana for almost two decades, thought of transporting consumers to a new world.

Nada Moukarzel began this café with her hubby Nabil. They also established Yolo Experiences – You Only Live Once – a business that commends art and design, food and furniture.

The couple began with the opening of two La Maison boutiques, selling local craftsmanship and imported homeware, and later attempted to own an assortment of restaurants in Ghana.

LA Maison Restaurant which is one of them, is essentially excellent that, when you walk through the entryways of this building, you have an inclination that you’re entering the royal residence of a Saudi King. The home-cum-art gallery restaurant is a dream of rich polish, with stunning wooden models beside stout and beige couches.

The art showed here is extremely appealing and as you enjoy your cuisine, you additionally thoroughly ponder over positive things through your brain as you watch the artworks flawlessly holding tight the dividers of the eatery. Clearly, you’ll start to wonder who is behind the paintings.

Truly, this is an eatery of expressions in light of the fact that, an art show was organized at La Maison called BEYOND, where participating artists of each variety were urged to team up and display their art talents.

This is quite unusual but due to the classy nature of LA Maison Restaurant, such events like the art festival are sorted out here. Obviously, that is a bit of leeway to the restaurant as visitors at the Art gallery presentation would obviously purchase loads of foods and beverages at LA Maison.

The feeling here is awesome with an exceptional customer service given. The foods at LA Maison cut over all countries with speedy reaction subsequent to requesting for any of them. On entering, the fragrance alone that is something else to stall out to your seat until you’re fulfilled.

La Maison showcases an edited selection of home accessories, furniture, decorative items, art and also jewellery from around the world. It is a visual recipe book for the successful combination of traditional, fashion-forward, classic and eclectic styles: and the result is displayed in a series of mini settings that offer eye-candy and ideas for home improvement and lifestyle enchancement.

LA Maison Restaurant utilizes the space both as showroom and gallery, where the work of local artists is combined with that of internationally-lauded brands.

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