Lake Como Is A Unique Attraction For Connoisseurs

Lake Como

Since 1873, Villa d’Este has been the location for summits and events of world-class quality. Most large and extravagant events can be held there. In fact, a number of major manufacturers, including BMW, have shown off some of their new cars here.

Manufacturers also use the stage to display one-of-a-kind or concept cars. On Lake Como’s shores, the fascination with mobility can be experienced in all of its facets when the iconic automotive past meets the present and future.

The world-famous Concorso d’Eleganza takes place at the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este on Lake Como every year, bringing together the most stunning and spectacular automobiles. It’s the ideal venue for the world premiere of an open two-seater that makes you want to go on adventures and live your dreams.

Consnoisseurs continue to flock to the Villa d’Este on Lake Como because it has always been an oasis that represents timeless beauty and a refined way of life.

Lake Como is more than just a beautiful building. In a evocative experience that delights the eye and excite the mind, the villa exemplifies the art of living well.

BMW At Lake Como:

The BMW Concept Skytop is a vehicle that allows you to bring the feeling of places like the Villa d’Este with you when you travel. It is an ode to the subtle pleasure of the moment. The BMW Concept Skytop’s sleek silhouette, as if designed for the picturesque lakeside roads, allows you to capture the moment as you elegantly glide along the shoreline.

The Unique Features Of My BMW App

The open two-seat BMW Concept Skytop resembles a meticulously modeled sculpture: glowing, athletic, and elegant at the same time.

The concept car’s interior and exterior use exclusive materials and traditional craftsmanship to emit a warm monochromatic glow. You can find out which fine details make the vehicle a masterpiece in the interactive feature.

The Concorso’s elegance and originality are best exemplified, in my opinion, by the effortless integration of the interior and exterior, as well as the novel tail design.

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