Lamborghini’s Brand New Hybrid Unveiled. Read More (Photos)

Back of the Countach

Lamborghini has unveiled a pristine $2.6 million supercar called: the COUNTACH.

The original Lamborghini Countach, which was unveiled as a concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971, put the Italian automaker world on the map.

The new Countach, revealed at an occasion during Monterey Car Week in California Friday, celebrated the 50th commemoration of that presentation.

new Countach has a V12 engine, directly behind the two seats. And, like every Lamborghini sports car since the Countach, it’s shaped like a low-profile wedge.

Hybrid And Battery:

This new Countach is a cross breed, and as the vehicle drives, it stores power in a supercapacitor that can give some extra capacity to the wheels during hard speed increase.

At low speed, it also gives power between gear movements to assist with smoothing the awkward flooding and kicking that can emerge out of Lamborghini’s forceful racecar-style transmission.

Supercapacitors are more expensive than batteries and they are not comparable to batteries at putting away energy for significant stretches. In any case, they can store more energy per cubic centimeter than batteries and they can ingest and deliver energy all the more rapidly.

The Countach

Taking all things together, the new four-wheel-drive Countach can create up to 802 torque, with 769 coming from the gas motor and an extra 33 pull from the electric engine that is appended to the side of the gearbox.

The supercapacitor hybrid system is like the one in the Lamborghini Sián, another restricted version model that Lamborghini revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019.

In the Countach, however, it has been marginally reconstructed to give the vehicle a particular driving character. As indicated by the organization, just 112 of the vehicles will be made.

The number is a reference to Lamborghini’s inward undertaking name for the first Countach, LP-112. The first vehicles will be conveyed to customers in the firsr quarter of 2022.


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The inset glass region in the top of the new Lamborghini Countach was propelled by a pattern for a rearview periscope that was in the first form of the vehicle.

Along these lines, Lamborghini fashioners unpretentiously joined obvious signs from different adaptations of the old Countach.

The general shape was taken from the first concept variant of the Countach, which had an exceptionally smooth profile. That is the reason there’s no apparent back wing.

The space in the rooftop that fans out toward the back is displayed on the “Periscopio” score in the top of the first creation Countach vehicles.

Rather than a normal windshield-mounted rearview reflect, those early Countaches had a kind of periscope that permitted the driver to see behind the vehicle by watching out over the rooftop.

The rooftop space imitates the one that the periscope glanced through. In the new Countach, there is a glass sunroof inside that indent that can be obscured when the sun is excessively bright.

Dissimilar to other present day Lamborghinis, the new Countach also has rectangular headlights intended to copy those of the first. There are no tooth like light designs on the front, as Lamborghini’s other new supercars have. The limited grille on the front with “Countach” composed on it is also founded on the first concept adaptation.

Countach!” is really a gentle revile word in the Piedmontese lingo spoken many years ago in district of Italy where the vehicle was first designed.

The Lamborghini, with its forceful design, scissor entryways and incredible motor mounted behind two seats, became the model for future supercars from Lamborghini and other manufacturers also.

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