Lance Reddick Left Out From The ‘In Memoriam’ Segment

Lance Reddick (inset)

During the 96th Oscars, the ‘In Memoriam’ segment honored the people who died in the year 2023. Nonetheless, they left out Lance Reddick and fans were extremely angry on X.

Alexei Navalny and other late stars were flawlessly honoured. In any case, many fans expressed dissatisfaction as specific names were overlooked from the on-screen show, regardless of being listed on

This year, a few dear late actors and movie producers didn’t make the main segment, including Ron Cephas Jones, Suzanne Somers, Terence Davies, Norman Lear, Burt Young, Angus Cloud and Lance Reddick.

Out of the relative multitude of missed names, fans of Lance Reddick were incensed and expressed their disappointment to the Institute on X (previously Twiter). At any rate, he wasn’t the only straggler left out, but Anne Heche and Charlbi Dean were additionally excluded from the on-screen accolade.

The fans felt his nonappearance was a serious mix-up and didn’t have the foggiest idea about why he was forgotten about. They shared their disappointment online, saying Reddick should have been remembered like others.

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The segment honored actors Ryan O’Neal, Tom Wilkinson, Jane Birkin, Richard Roundtree, Glenda Jackson, and Carl Weathers, along with filmmakers William Friedkin and Norman Jewison.

Matthew Perry, Andre Braugher, Tina Turner, Robbie Robertson, and Ryuichi Sakamoto were also recognized, despite the fact that they were known more for their TV careers.

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