Land Rover To Unveil ‘New Defender’ In Africa On The 16th July

The New Defender

Since its beginning in 1978, the notable British four-wheel drive vehicle, Jaguar Land Rover has manufactured strong vehicles for its customers in grouped sorts.

The automakers who currently manufacture Land Rovers in Brazil, China, India, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom, has as of late announced its aim to divulge another proficient vehicle ‘New Defender’ to the African soil.

The ‘New Land Rover Defender’ is genuinely equipped for incredible things and built for the 21st century.

As a vehicle tested to the extraordinary; and prepared for any territory and challenge, it is conscious of its past but isn’t saddled by it.

The New Defender, which is the most proficient and relentless Land Rover will be unveiled at 16h00 on Thursday, 16 July, as it proceeds with its inheritance in Africa.

Meanwhile, the outfit has also declared that, the vehicle can be pre-ordered even before the release date.

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