Latest Study By Scientists Reveals That Antimatter Is Falling Under The Earth’s Gravity

An international group of researchers say they have noticed antimatter falling downwards under the World’s gravity.

The research that was delivered on Wednesday September 27 addresses the well established question of whether antimatter opposes gravity.

The scientists, a large number of them from Canada, misleadingly made antihydrogen iotas using a large atom accelerator close to Geneva. Around 100 antihydrogen particles were caught inside an upward cylinder device.

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After repeated tests, the researchers saw that the antihydrogen iotas were generally in the base portion of the cylinder. They reasoned that antimatter is affected by the descending pool of the World’s gravity similarly as Matter.

Fujiwara Makoto, Senior Scientist at TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle accelerator laboratory, is one of the two Japanese scientists in the group. Furthermore, as indicated by him, the finding has settled whether or not antimatter falls downwards or moves upwards with gravity.

In a basic explanation, Matter is made out of protons and particles like electrons, but Antimatter comprises of similar particles and mass, but with a switched charge.

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