Lee Dodou Speaks About His Wife, Death And More

Lee Dodou

Lee Dodou, a highlife music legend, has stated that he keeps his wife’s remains close to him for a reason.

The highlife superstar, who was speaking on Okay FM, a radio station based in Accra, said that he has also already bought land in Germany to use as a burial ground when he eventually gives up the ghost.

According to Lee Dodou, he and his white wife were married for 35 years before she passed away in 2021. Lee Dodou elaborated on the same story by stating that he married his white wife in 1986, when he was only 25 years old.

They were blessed with two children and grandsons before her death. He implied that the wife was buried on his private property as a means of remembering her all the time. Having said that, he has also purchased land for his own dead body if he passes away today.

Lee Dodou – The Finest Singer With An Exceptional Voice!

He claims that he has already instructed his children to bury him there. Lee Dodou explained that, in contrast to owning land in Germany, only the deceased can be bestowed one, explaining why this is the case.

He stated,

“No one owns or buys land as a private property in Germany, as seen in several countries, especially Africa.”

He said, only real estate developers are mandated to have access to lands to build houses for citizens.

Lee Dodou and fellow highlife superstar Abrante3 Amakye Dede were in the studio to promote their upcoming music show on Saturday, January 7, 2023, which will feature nearly all of the big highlife artists.

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