Lee Dodou – The Finest Singer With An Exceptional Voice!

Lee Dodou

When we speak about Hi-Life music, Ghana rings a bell and at the mention of Hi-Life, Lee Dodou is also a pioneer in this genre of African music. During the 1980’s, the genre was known as the “Burger Hi-Life”. Lee Dodou is a fine artist whose melodies were exceptionally well known at the time and even till date, a large portion of extraordinary tunes of his are as yet being played on different conventional media in Ghana and Germany. The incredible vocalist’s tune that was outstandingly popular was ‘Akwankwa’. This track was extremely ‘hot and slamming’ as it was played at practically all parties. It was so acceptable a tune.

Dodou’s music profession started when he left Ghana to Germany in 1979. He had the aspiration to be a performer so on arriving at Germany, he immediately joined the music Group, Fire Connection. He tensely worked with the group at various shows and gained a considerable amount of experience during the 2 years he played with them.

He never relaxed, but proceeded onward to another group in Germany called U Know with the dynamic mood segment of Bus Stop, driven by another Ghanaian Hi-Life hotshot, George Darko. George invited him with so much joy and even proceeded to record a melody “Ako Te Brofo” with him.

Lee Dodou performed with a few different gatherings like Bisa Goma, Lantics, Police Band, and Zantoda which was also led by Gyedu Blay Ambuley, one of Ghana’s Hi-Life masters. So with encounters obtained at these groups, you can envision the quality Dodou picked up.

There was this music Group which was formed in 1984. It was called Kantata and luckily for Lee Dodou, he was invited as a vocalist for them. The group was famous and recorded hit tunes including “Akpeteshie”, “Odo Mpa”, “Saworoma”, “Akwankwa”, “It’s High time”, “Get Involved”, among others. In these melodies, Dodou was the lead vocalist. Karma presumably sparkled on Lee Dodou as the Kantanka Group was signed on to a London based music record label, Oval.

Later on, it was additionally signed to Safari Ambiance in Paris, Makosa Records of New York, and afterward Pirana Records of Berlin. So Kantata advanced from being famous to a higher status in music. So now Lee Dodou was set to go solo considering by far most of information obtained at the different music bunches he worked with.

Going solo as a musician, he played for Big Joes Nakasi Records and later for Livin’ Spirits, the Tikiman band and the Bubba Jammeh band as a guitarist. Lee Dodou has additionally been taking a shot at his very own chronicles from that point forward.



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