Let’s All Join Forces To Defeat COVID-19: Former President, Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Perhaps a large number of people around the globe are steadily getting accustomed to COVID-19, thus ignoring the fear of it.

For a while at this point, the pandemic has demolished and murdered numerous individuals and organizations, making lives horrendous for huge number of people all inclusive.

Eminent people like former President of the United States, Mr Barack Obama are as yet cautioning everybody to be careful about the infection since it’s still ending the lives of people.

Mr Obama is asking everybody to play it safe, smart and Listen to Health Experts.

As indicated by him, the pandemic shouldn’t divide the masses particularly Americans. It takes two tango, consequently until we as a whole join up to overcome the infection, it will even now ‘chase’ and aggressively attack us.

Mr Obama posted this online in the wake of America’s holiday on the 4th of July.

He has asked everyone around the globe to wear masks and follow the precautionary measures from public health officials to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

As of now, the World’s Infected Coronavirus Cases is 11,654,561 with 538,558 passings. The recuperation rate is additionally 6,598,521 and dynamic cases remains at 4,517,482. Presently Infected Patients who are in mild conditions are 4,458,776.

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