LGBTQ+: Ghana Makes A Move To Criminalize The Act!

LGBTQ+ has been a significant subject of conversation in Ghana for some years now. While many countries have and are legalising the practice, others like Ghana is on an alternate way. Ghana has at long last presented an extreme sanctions against these acts.

A 36-page bill yet to be shipped off Parliament will be reviewed for consideration to condemn the act.

The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 will see offenders face a prison term of as long as ten years depending on the wrongdoing, whenever passed in its present status.

People of a similar sex who participate in sexual acts are “liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than seven hundred and fifty penalty units and not more than five thousand penalty units, or to a term of imprisonment of not less than three years and not more than five years or both.”

This envelops any person who “holds out as a lesbian, a gay, a transsexual, a transgender, a strange, a pansexual, a partner, a non-twofold or some other sexual or sex character that is in opposition to the parallel classes of male and female.”

Anti- LGBT+ lawmakers had before alluded to ongoing consultations on a document to deliver the group’s promotion and support illicit. A duplicate of the draft bill has been submitted to the speaker of Ghana’s Parliament Alban Bagbin for his audit at a meeting of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship.

Indeed, as indicated by the Anti-LGBT+ administrators, the Speaker of Parliament has also guaranteed that the new law will be passed before the end of 2021.


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Interestingly, some Ghanaians have voiced out their conclusions saying, this is human rights violations including that of partners. Still on this, the reason why some people are talking is this. The bill suggested that:

“a person who, by use of media, technological platform, technological account or any other means, produces, procures, markets, broadcasts, disseminates, publishes or distributes a material for purposes of promoting an activity prohibited under the Bill, or a person uses an electronic device, the Internet service, a film, or any other device capable of electronic storage or transmission to produce, procure, market, broadcast, disseminate, publishes or distribute a material for purposes of promoting an activity prohibited under the Bill commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a term of imprisonment of not less than five years and not more than ten years.”

The draft also proposes that people who take part in activities that “promotes, supports sympathy for or a change of public opinion towards an act prohibited under the Bill” are liable on summary conviction to a term of imprisonment of not less than five years or not more than ten years.

The Bill is additionally proposing the disbandment of all LGBTQ+ gatherings, social orders, affiliations, clubs, and associations. All groups in presence before the Bill appeared and are proposed to elevate such activities are to be disbanded.

People who negate this arrangement could look up to at least six years or not over ten years detainment. A section of Ghanaians say the appearing threat against favorable to LGBT activism, as demonstrated in the draft is inappropriate.

While some people support the turn of events, numerous others also guarantee the dubiousness and expansive extent of encroachment range per the bill gives space for error for its maltreatment.

Some groups are also of the view that, Ghana is totally against it, especially looking at how the country’s culture, society, religion, clan or identity isn’t on the side of this.

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