Liberia Is No More A Member Of The African Union

Liberian President, George Oppong Weah

In the course of recent years, Liberia has battled with meeting up with each and every report to be submitted to the African Union (AU). Hence, the country has lost her full participation rights at the African Union. Liberia currently has no democratic right, from being a member/founder.

The reality here is that, key diplomats at the AU base camp genuinely fretted over the service of international concerns in Liberia and the Minister not understanding the center capacity of worldwide discretion, beginning with the African Union.

Liberia’s issue is so shocking and regrettable, as it is unknown why this issue in which they wind up in had to get to this point.

Fortunately, the former administration of Liberia led by the ex President Ellen Johnson, left behind $800,000 US dollars for the AU but tragically, the current administration have fairly performed most noticeably terrible with regards to meeting the requirements of the Union.

These non-activities to international obligations, just shuts the country’s doors to opportunities, most particularly when there has been significant embarrassments at the identification office in Liberia, which prompted the suspension of the former Director of Passport.

This non-action issue has also positioned the country’s FICO assessment on a descending low, restricting the ability to get over a specific breaking point.

Former Minister of Liberia, Mr Findley who is currently competing for a seat in the Liberian senate position is supposed to be a significant focal point in understanding the issues which prompted this deplorable circumstance.

Economic analysts are of the view that, this fractional removal or downgrade, doesn’t represent Liberia in a good position undoubtedly. AU was made out of 55 nations, with Liberia being one of the most significant members.

Sadly, they are no more in there. Liberia would now need to restore the full membership statutes to the African Union fo the benefit of both the country and her people.

The ejection doesn’t only spell doom for Liberia, but has uncovered the significance the Weah Led government appends to international diplomacy and a clear understanding of the benefits therein.

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