Lil Nas X’s New Videos Are Inspired By “Nourish Every You”

Lil Nas X

Rapper and singer Lil Nas X brought his unimaginable creativity to vitaminwater’s “Nourish Every You” crusade with a set-up of six videos featuring his new unreleased track “Give Me One Chance”.

Every video will feature a special vitaminwater flavor — center, sparkle, energy, xxx zero, gutsy and ice — to make a dreamland moving fans to support all of their “yous”.

“Nourish Every You” is motivated by the knowledge that vitaminwater fans need to take care of themselves, but are living with fluctuating physical, profound and otherworldly necessities. The 360-degree crusade matches vitaminwater flavors with explicit requirements in a fun, brazen way across a variety of channels and platforms.

As per said Jeff Fitch, who is the Group Director, Active Hydration, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit, Lil Nas X’s legitimate character and the many ‘yous’ he imparts to the world make him the ideal partner for this campaign.

Coca Cola says, these vitaminwater flavor-propelled videos trickle with his unique style and sound, and they trust their partnership will motivate people to embrace their most genuine selves and feed all their ‘yous’.

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The multi-award winning rapper/singer/songwriter and his creative group teamed up with vitaminwater to create an assortment of stories that bring the substance of “Nourish Every You” to life.

After putting together endless partnerships for Lil Nas X, Coca Cola were excited to make one of the most on-brand collaboration to date with vitaminwater. It was an extraordinary experience to watch Nas and his wonderful and creative team incline toward the transmission of messages of the vitaminwater campaign about self-articulation, which is what’s really going on with Lil Nas X.

“Nourish Every You” kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a vitaminwater x Mercury in Retrograde activation in Brooklyn, N.Y. The cloud-shaped, cotton candy-colored shelter provided extra nourishment, both physically and mentally, during a time of instability and unpredictability with six interactive experiences paired with correlating vitaminwater flavors.

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