Lionel Richie Is Finally Back With His ‘Lost’ Daughter

Lionel Richie with daughter, Sofia Richie

Recollect the tune “All Night Long” on the 1983 collection “Can’t Slow Down”? Yes, that was one of the hit tunes of the multi-award winner, Lionel Richie. He has left a major impression in the American music industry.

Richie’s style of melodies with the Commodores in his performance profession propelled him as one of the best during the 1980s. All things considered, that’s only a bit of Lionel Richie but the most recent news about this genius is about her little girl, Sofia Richie.

There was a long standing feud between Sofia and her dad, Lionel Richie which has existed for such a long time. The news is that, they have at long last suppressed that distinction. In an Instagram post, Sofia posted on her page, an image showing the pair nestling up to one another.

Sofia with Sott

During the quarrel between them, Lionel Richie admitted he’s lost Sofia to the Kardashian clan until she grows up and wakes up. Sofia has been dating Scott for as far back as two years from that family. Fact is, Sofia dumped everybody including her family and that of the Kardashians. There were such a significant number of debates encompassing Sofia Richie and the Kardashians.

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