Lionel Richie Launches A New Fragrance!

In 1983, American singer and lyricist Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello‘ was seemingly one of the most mainstream melodies in the world. The song which was on the Album ‘Can’t Slow Down’ was sung by practically all lovebirds who were one way or the other, making some great memories in their relationship.

Despite the fact that the song is a love tune, which was especially enjoyed by the energetic age, ‘Hello’ was equally loved by all ages. It was one of Lionel Richie’s selections that projected him more to the world, despite the fact that he had several tunes – and was also known from the music group the Commodores.

In any case, following 37 years after the release of ‘Hello’, Lionel Richie has launched a new perfume to some degree, bring back the memories of this delightful pop melody. The Perfume ‘HELLO BY LIONEL RICHIE’ is inspired by his passion for Music and love of love. The Fragrance is also curated by his travels, strong sense of design and zest for life.

Fans are already upbeat for the multiple award winning singer for uncovering this aromatic scent. You ought to go get yours!

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