Liverpool’s Win Against West Brom Was A Miracle: Thanks To Goalkeeper Alisson

The goal that made the difference

The English Premier League was on this weekend, and Liverpool beat West Brom by 2-1: a victor depicted as a ‘ludicrous’ day, just as the happiest moment for goalkeeper Alisson Becker.

Jurgen Klopp couldn’t conceal his satisfaction, as he says the game was Liverpool’s season with a ton of good stuff. According to Klopp, he was content with how his team kept the head and continued playing as time ticked on, making their better possibilities in the last five minutes.

He said:

“As for Alisson’s header, “insane” is his verdict, and that’s fair enough. It’s only football but it means the world to us”.

He also adulated West Brom for their demonstrable skill and how they fought.

So this is what happened. The match was 1-1 during the hour and a half, and afterward Sadio Mané wins was a corner in an additional time of four minutes. It was a tough game for the two sides, who were battling for a win to get a three points.

Alisson Becker tried to be in a good position, with no defender accompanying him, and he got a good glance at the flight.

And there was a staggering splendid header from him, that was flicked hard with the trip inside the far post in the fifth minute of injury-time, giving Liverpool a win which pushes them in the chase for a top four finish and Champions League spot.


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The game was in fact a sublime, awesome, and a swearword one!.

After the game, Alisson said in an interview that football is his life, and wishes that his dad was there to see it but hopes he’s looking down. He says his team fight hard and they fought hard today; they won the Champions League previously, and everything starts with qualification.

According to goalkeeper Alisson, before going up, he looked over and no one waved him up, but Johnny Achterberg, the goalkeeping coach, was definitive; “one of the best goals I scored,” he concludes of the only goal he ever scored. “You can’t explain; this is football.”

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