Loads Of People Queue Up To Watch The Olympic Flame In Japan Despite Pandemic

When The Torch Relay Arrived

It appears the people in Japan couldn’t care less any longer about the coronavirus pandemic that has prevented the world from moving.

Amidst all these frenzy and risky infection, tons of Japanese ran to see the Olympic Flame in Tokyo. It is fascinating how the crowd raced to queue at Sendai station in the country to see the Olympic Flame.

They rushed to a cauldron with the Olympic fire in northeastern Japan over the end of the week in spite of the alarming pandemic, coronavirus.

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The Olympic Flame showed up in Japan on Friday 20th March, 2020 as many people were skeptical as to whether the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will proceed on time in the midst of the frightening pandemic particularly when the country’s contaminations has crossed over 1,000 according to report.

Shockingly, in excess of 50,000 people on Saturday (21st March, 2020) lined to watch the fire showed. Some remained in the 500m line for such a significant number of hours just to have a look at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Flame.

In fact, lion’s share of the crowd had face covers as an indication of security against the coronavirus infection. Others additionally took pictures with the cherry bloom formed cauldron.

Meanwhile, coordinators are feeling the squeeze to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Games because of coronavirus.

The nationwide torch relay will start on the 26th March, 2020.

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