Lord Kenya Could Have Been One Of The Greatest Rappers In Africa!

Lord Kenya

In 1998, Ghana’s media particularly the radio was overflowed with tunes of a young man who had a rap aptitudes that of DMX (American rapper). Lord Kenya was an energizing Hip-Life rapper whose name was for all intents and purposes on the lips of everybody. The Heavy weight rapper, as he was generally called by himself and the fans had a one of a kind style rapping that made him an exceptional performer.

Lord Kenya was dexterous to the point that, he could superbly mix both the local language Twi and English to the fervor of everybody. Kenya, real name Abraham Philip Akpor was unrivaled as far as Hip-Life is concerned.

At a point, he was the poster boy of Ghana’s music industry where he was found on all platforms of music shows across the length and breadth of the country. He won several music honors, and teamed up with other top ‘Gods’ in the game at the time including Reggie Rock stone (The Grandpapa of Ghana’s Hip-Life). He also featured both Hip-Life and Hi-Life musicians like Daasebre Gyamena and Ofori Amponsah on their songs.

In 2001, the appealling artist swept practically every one of the awards including Hip-Life Album of the Year at Ghana’s lofty Music celebration, Ghana Music Awards. At that music festivity, Lord Kenya demonstrated why he has the right to be respected as the artist of the year. His stage execution was magical as he pulled the crowd to remain on their feet all through the gig.

Kenya, who has in excess of 6 collections including Yeesom Sika, Sika Mpo Fane Ho, Akasieni, Born Again and God Dey, had all melodies being a hit in Ghana and beyond. His verses in every one of his tunes were extremely imaginative and profound with great proverbial proclamations backing them.

Lord Kenya who started his music at age 17 couldn’t advance to increasingly higher statures in the music business, suddenly halted music to the stun of many. The explanation being that, he is currently a born again and taking every necessary step of God Almighty. Today, Lord Kenya is an evangelist doing very well in the Gospel as well.

Lord Kenya is now doing the work of God

Many people anticipated his downfall in God’s work since they trust it will be intense for him to withstand the difficulties attached to it. Evangelist Lord Kenya however, has refuted all skeptics as he has been in God’s ministry for almost 10 years. Bunches of experienced music producers and beat creators are of the view that, if Lord Kenya had not halted music en route, he would have been the greatest in the African rap game.

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