Lord Kenya Reveals The Dumbest Song He Ever Made

Evangelist Lord Kenya

In a new interview on Pure FM in Kumasi, Evangelist Lord Kenya uncovered heaps of things about himself during his dynamic days in music. The now Messenger of God was at the station to celebrate his 13 years in God’s calling with a few programs surrounding the occasion.

During the conversation, he spoke lengthily about his old bad days, as he alludes them and how he permitted pride to assume control over him at the time when he was the heavyweight rapper. As indicated by Evangelist Lord Kenya, Satan, as shrewd as he is, involved him for his works when he on top the music business. Subsequently, he believed he was large and in charge.

He proceeded with that, despite the fact that he was genuinely one of the biggest acts in Ghana and Africa, pride took a superior part of him. When asked about how he sees the current list of Ghanaian performers and their accomplishment internationally, Lord Kenya said it’s no news to him since, he saw everything during his days.

As a matter of fact, he was the first rapper to have won the Artist Of The Year in 2002 with his “Yesom Sika” album, in this way what his young musicians are doing now, is unbelievable but he and a few other performers established the groundwork for them to make progress today.

Putting on his bragging cap, Evang. Lord Kenya said during his dynamic days, he introduced essentially every ‘strong’ and creative performance in front of an audience for all the praise. He did what he calls ‘Art and Special’ performance on stage, bringing on board, his energy, creativity, great rap and extraordinary showmanship, in spite of the fact that he now sees all of these as exceptionally ‘terrible’.

He expressed that, he is yet to see any artist to break his records. He also dug into how most performers have allowed pride to assume control over their careers.

Lord Kenya Could Have Been One Of The Greatest Rappers In Africa!

Responding to the host’s question with regards to if Michael Jackson was from God, particularly when he could sing for people to die and collapse, the Evangelist said obviously he was from God but Satan added his awful qualities to his incredible talent.

Vanity has taken over numerous music talents, despite the fact that it’s no shortcoming of theirs. He advised these current artists not to be out of control with pomposity and pride to end their careers, very much like Satan did. Lord Kenya at the time, was one of the sought-after artists in Africa with 7 albums to his credit, 5 of which were released in just five years.

Shockingly, Evangelist Lord Kenya revealed that up until this date, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea who controls his music on the different streaming platforms. He said, he isn’t excessively bothered pretty much about those earning from his revenues from his hard works, since he is now deeply focused on God’s work.

Ending the conversation, Evangelist Lord Kenya expressed that, one of the songs he regrets doing is “Obiyere Y3 Obi Mpina Koraa, Fa No Ko‘ (Even if It’s Somebody’s wife, take her away). He said he deeply regrets doing such dumb tune in his life, and that if you’re married you would understand what he is talking about.

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