Louis Vuitton’s Beautiful First Miami Men’s Store: A Look At It!


It was a beautiful festival of the launch of the first Louis Vuitton men’s store in the United States, albeit not long before the occasion, men’s creative director Virgil Abloh out of nowhere died.

The Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show, which was Virgil Abloh’s first U.S. show for the brand—was additionally his last, a supernatural and sombre event that finished with a red paper plane and “Virgil Was here,” carved on the Miami horizon.

The Louis Vuitton Men’s store in Miami’s Design District is the first independent store in the United States, and the second worldwide after Tokyo, where they opened the Shibuya store in 2020.

Situated at the intersection of 39th Street and first Avenue, the store’s all-white aluminum façade depended on Marcel Wanders Studio’s “Jewel Screen”— a reevaluation of the Maison’s monogram and the stick work of its unique trunks, with the range honoring Miami’s innovation.

Inside, the 3,586-square foot space offers a refined modern inside with uncovered concrete, decorated with millwork and tailor made furnishings. A turning flight of stairs interfaces the first and second floors of the store, its solid quality gesturing at the city’s mordern character while its blue cowhide handrails inspiring the Miami waterfronts.

The Design District area store features brief spaces, trademark sculptures, and various works by neighborhood craftsmen, including a divider covering design by Michelle Weinberg introduced in fitting rooms, and lift fine art hand-painted by Captain Casual.

The store includes the total line of the Maison’s métiers for men, including prepared to-wear, shoes, extras, watches, and aroma, just as Miami men’s store special features which incorporate a steel neckband, a skateboard with spray painting logo, and the LV Runner Tatic tennis shoe.

Louis Vuitton has also extended its Objets Nomades assortment by changing its Miami Design District store (presently known as the women’s store) into a vivid Objets Nomades establishment arranged by Patricia Urquiola on the third floor.

The new Objets Nomades on show incorporate Campana Brothers’ Merengue, Raw Edges’ Cosmic Table, Marcel Wanders’ Petal Chair, Studio Louis Vuitton’s Totem Lumineux, and the debut of Beijing-born designer Frank Chou’s Signature Armchair and Sofa.

Its graceful, flowing arches inspired by terraced fields in Yunnan, and desert stock formations in Arizona’s Antelope Valley, is the first Objet Nomade specifically designed for exterior use and is covered in the colorful “Brio” fabric by Italian brand Paola Lenti.

The women’s store’s façade is briefly enveloped by a glad explosion of woven tones, designed after another Objet Nomade by the Campana Brothers.

The Louis Vuitton men’s store is situated at 3910 NE first Ave, Miami, in Florida.


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