“Luis Diaz Is My Special Player”- Jürgen Klopp

Luis Diaz

The numerous qualities that make Liverpool’s Luis Diaz the “very, very special player” that he is have been listed by Jürgen Klopp.

After a lengthy absence due to injury, the Colombian attacker has contributed to each and every one of Liverpool’s victories during their six-game Premier League winning streak.

As he detailed the qualities that the gifted No. 23 brings to the Reds, Klopp expressed his joy at being able to call on Diaz for matches once more.

As indicated by Klopp:

“Diaz’s comeback is Fantastic. We are so excited about it, we were always excited about it.

“The thing is, he was out after he got the injury in the Arsenal game – very strange game, by the way – and came back when were in a training camp during the World Cup in Dubai, so we all thought, ‘Finally back.’

“He trained exceptional, absolutely exceptional, and he slipped only a little bit on the grass, felt something, kept going on, everything is fine. After training, ‘Yeah, I feel a little bit. Let’s see.’ Another scan, out for another three months or whatever. Horrible, absolutely horrible.

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“He’s a natural player. I love him, absolutely love him. It’s unbelievable.

“He’s so football smart, moving in the right areas, naturally defending from his position, goal threat, speed, cheeky. Very, very special player, I have to say. We missed him a lot.

“We missed Diogo Jota as well – everybody realised when he came back how good he is. Bobby with a little injury here and there, Darwin [is] new, which is then obviously really difficult to get into a team, especially when you are the finisher of situations. The other boys have to create in a lot of moments – we didn’t create a lot or not enough, or not clear enough.

“There are a few explanations for our situation but you have to take life like it is and make the best of it, and that’s what you do in football as well.”

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