Makenzie Is Now The Sought-After Teenage Student In The U.S

Makenzie Thompson

A Georgia secondary school senior has gotten acceptance letters from 49 universities and more than $1 million in grant offers.

Makenzie Thompson, 18, didn’t initially plan to apply to more than 50 colleges. Be that as it may, subsequent to going to school fairs and getting fee waivers, she ended up applying to 51 schools.

Up to this point, she has been accepted to 49 – – and is as yet standing by to hear back from one more.

Taking a gander at the number of Colleges or Universities after her diligent effort, Makenzie expressed her feelings:

“It was a very, very good experience, just to see your hard work paying off and getting to see them just pile up in a folder. My family is ecstatic. Getting 49 acceptances and over 1.3 million, they’re like ‘wow, you’re going places”.

Thompson has been a star student all through secondary school, which she credited to using time productively. According to her, without using time productively, or knowing how to perform multiple tasks, she could never have had the option to do anything.

Thompson fills in as her senior class president at Westlake High School in Atlanta, the co-captain of the Blue Reign dance group, the VP of Beta Club (a community service organization) and a varsity baseball director. She’s additionally a member of the National honor society and the honor society of dance and arts.

Confirmations reveal that Thompson got 49 school acceptance and $1.3 million in scholarship offers.

With such a great number to choose from, Thompson Makenzie picked Tuskegee University, a historically Black University in Alabama. And according to her, when she first visited the grounds of the Tuskegee, it gave her the feeling that she was at home.

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The school additionally has a solid history of producing Black veterinarians, which pulled in Thompson.

One year from now, Thompson, who desires to be a veterinarian, will concentrate on Animal science at Tuskegee University. Addressing CNN, she said, she grew up as a lone child of her parents – – yet her home was loaded with canines, guinea pigs, fishes and different pets, which did prompted her love for all animals.

She is most amped up for really learning her independence and who she is as a person in college. Thompson Makenzie said, she is excited for a new environment, fresh start, and fresh people.

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