Manchester United 0-2 Loss To City: Reactions, Blames And More

Pep Guardiola was in contention with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer during the Derby on Saturday November 6. However, Manchester City’s Guardiola outmatched United’s Ole Gunnar by two unanswered goals.

Subsequent to being clobbered by Liverpool by 5-0, many United fans were hopeful the Derby against City would have been a turn over or a reclamation. But that didn’t happen, as they fell again.

Presently, tension is mounting on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as he appears to be extremely stressed and is expecting a fair conversations with Manchester United’s board over Saturday’s 2-0 derby rout.

Many fans are saying his job is under threat, but Ole feels his work isn’t in any way, under danger regardless of being convincingly beaten by Manchester City at Old Trafford.

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Meanwhile, Keane– the former United skipper and Solskjaer’s partner, was scorching in his evaluation of United’s performance and addressed whether “Ole may be better out of it” with immense questions encompassing his future.

According Ole, he wants the best for Manchester United. He said:

“I have good communication all the time with the club. That is very up front and honest about the situation. I work for Manchester United and want the best for Manchester United. As long as I am here I want to do what I can do to improve it and that is going back to what we started to look like”

In the entirety of the uproar, Keane thinks some of United’s players are just not fit to play for Manchester United.

“I’d like to go in hard on the United players but today I am actually feeling sorry for them. I think some of them are just not up to playing for Man United, particularly at home. I wouldn’t say they throw the towel in but they just don’t have that desire and fight to stay in there. This team doesn’t have personality.”

The scoreline might have been heavier, but for Manchester United’s goalie David De Gea’s staggering first-half saves, the story would have been different.

Manchester City completed 753 passes in their win over Manchester United – the most any team has completed in a Premier League match against the Red Devils since the 2003-04 season.

After the game, Harry Maguire stated that his players lacked conviction.

“We still don’t trust ourselves with the ball and we don’t find the angles and sometimes that is also the team you play against. We sometimes made the wrong solutions, sometimes the right solution but the wrong execution.

“It has been a very difficult period and we have gone away from what we used to be. We won at Tottenham with a different system but despite systems or style we need to be on the front foot more. I can’t look at myself and say this is how I want Man Utd to play.”

“We have a couple of good results Atalanta and Tottenham and this was a big step back,” he said. “We have to come out against Watford like a proper hurt animal. The short answer is it has come at a good time for us. As a group we have had a difficult spell, we have come through it but this was a big step backwards, he said”.

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