Manchester United’s Rashford Broken Down As A Result Of..

Marcus Rashford

On Wednesday May 27, Manchester United’s Europa League journey reached a conclusion after a painful loss to Spanish side Villarreal. As if the loss was enough, but that wasn’t, as Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford, was racially abused on Social media by fans.

As per the player, he has gotten in any event 70 racial put-downs on social media following his side’s loss to Villarreal on Wednesday.

Spanish side Villarreal won its first major European trophy in Gdansk, Poland, winning a long distance race penalty shootout, with Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea missing the decisive penalty after all previous 21 penalty had been scored.

Notwithstanding, England international Rashford tweeted after the game that he had been the focal point of racial abuse on his social media accounts.

The 23-year-old said:

“For those working to make me feel any worse than I already do, good luck trying.”

In a later tweet, Rashford said an account which sent him “a mountain of monkey emojis” was “a maths teacher with an open profile.” “He teaches children!! And knows that he can freely racially abuse without consequence…”

Meanwhile, Manchester United tweeted that it knew that a portion of its players had been the subject of bigoted abuse.

The tweet said:

“Following the UEL final, our players were subjected to disgraceful racist abuse,”. “If you see any form of abuse or discrimination, act and report it.”

Most English football players, including a few of Rashford’s colleagues, have also been targeted by online discrimination in recent times.

The Premier League, in an agreement with the rest of English football, held a social media boycott from April 30 to May 3 to bring awareness to the racial abuse directed at players.


English Football Players And Fans To Boycott Social Media

Interestingly, Rashford beautifully scored United’s fourth penalty in the shoot-out during the UEFA Europa League Final, but rather had to confront the horrifying act on social media.

The teams went head to head all through before De Gea’s penalty was saved by Rulli, giving Villarreal a 1-1 (11-10) triumph.

It was the 6th time in the previous eight competitions that a Spanish side has won the Europa League, European football’s second-level competition.

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