Many People Are Carrying Liver Diseases Without Knowing In Ghana

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Specialist, Dr Promise Sefogah says liver diseases are turning out to be exceptionally normal in Ghana lately. The doctor said, a storm of individuals (both young and old) are experiencing these diseases.

According to the Medical Director of Shape Healthcare Specialist Medical Centre, this can be credited to wild consumption of alcohol and the rise in viral Hepatitis which is for the most part, contracted through kissing, emotional connection, or some other body liquid trades.

In an interview with Joy FM in Accra, Dr Sefogah revealed that, many people carry such diseases without knowing, and it proceeds to affect the liver, and liver-related issues, including liver cancer, which is now on the rise in Ghana.

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Dr Sefogah likewise also spoke about the need to keep a healthy lifestyle and demanded that every individual should consider the significance of their health and be aware of their everyday decisions and propensities.

“Your health is probably the most important asset you have because you can imagine if you’re sick, what can you do? Nothing. You’ll lie down and wait till you recover. ” he emphasized.

As a result of this, he gave some general well-being tips to prevent the disease. Here are a few:

Learn to deal with stress. If you don’t handle your stress well, it can make you sick or make your sickness. Identify what is stressing you. If it’s something you can avoid, do so. But if it’s something you cannot avoid, go to the beach and watch the waves, watch comedy and laugh, do things that won’t let you think too much, dance etc.

Check your blood pressure and sugar levels regularly. They are silent killers because they can kill without you knowing. With Ghana’s adult population, 1 out of every 3 persons has high blood pressure.

Adopt Simple lifestyle modification (diet)
Nobody should have salt on their dining table because salt alone accounts for the risk of causing blood pressure.

Minimise your intake of animal products, meat, sausage, eggs, milk, ice cream, etc.
Dr. Sefogah also mentioned that common cancers are affecting younger people and therefore stressed the need for ladies to go for regular breast and cervical cancer screenings, and for the men to also visit healthcare facilities to check if their prostate and liver are in good shape.

He also encouraged people to eat and stay sound.

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