Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Drake And Several Other Top Stars’ Documents Hacked By Cyber Criminals

Not only giant organizations are being hit by cyber crime around the globe, but VIPs like Mariah Carey, Madonna, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Bette Midler, LeBron James and numerous others have also ‘tasted’ the crimes of the these posse.

Evidently, these cyber hoodlums have stolen 756GB of legal documentation of the legitimate firm of these stars.

These crooks are endeavoring to hold a dim web sell off for legal documents stolen from a law office which has some expertise in speaking to A-list stars in America.

The law office Grubman Shire Meiselas and Sacks, which represents stars including Robert De Niro, Drake, LeBron James, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, affirmed that it was hacked back in May 2020.

That said, the criminals are suspected to have taken 756GB of legal documentation and taken steps to release it in troves so as to blackmail a payoff installment from the firm.

Adhering to the law office’s refusal to pay the coercion, the criminal gang have started spilling and selling the archives on the web.

In a post the gang claim that they have all the stolen documents at their disposal and recognized without giving any proof – celebrities being paid off by the US Democratic Party, just as lewd behavior by lawmakers.

Clearly, these remarks are nearly intended to drive enthusiasm for buying the documents ahead of the US presidential political decision in the not so distant future.

The criminals recently professed to have condemning documents identifying with President Donald Trump which never surfaced and which weren’t bolstered by the materials it presented to support the claims.

They are also asserting it will sell legal documents identifying with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and LeBron James on 1 July, beginning at $600,000 each.

The cyber criminal gang who are known as Sodinokibi/REvil, has been known to scramble its casualties’ PCs subsequent to taking delicate information, before requesting payment so as to make them valuable once more.

The group is additionally accepted to have focused on UK-based trade firm Travelex not long ago, driving staff to turn to utilizing pen and paper to record transactions.

Meanwhile, Grubman released a statement back in May, 2020 saying:

“We can confirm that we’ve been victimised by a cyber attack. We have notified our clients and our staff.

“We have hired the world’s experts who specialise in this area, and we are working around the clock to address these matters.”

Grubman Shire Meiselas and Sacks is all around perceived as one of the chief entertainment and media law firm in the U.S.

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