Marian Al-Aqeel Appointed As The First Female Finance Minister In Kuwait

Marian Al-Aqeel, finance minister-Kuwait

This is stunning as she has made an extraordinary leap by being designated as the Gulf’s female finance minister. Mariam Al-Aqeel was selected to the post in December 2019 during a reshuffle of Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah’s led government.

Prior to this huge appointment, Al-Aqeel was filling in as secretary of state for economic affairs in Kuwait. Luckily this position is an addition and Al-Aqeel now hold both. The 52 year old has a financial foundation and has held top situations in Kuwait’s finance and economy offices. Incredibly, Mariam Al-Aqeel’s appointment denotes a first top position for Kuwait as well as the entire Gulf locale.

As finance minister, she heads the world’s fifth-biggest sovereign riches fund, the Kuwait Investment Authority, with resources besting $592 billion. She has refuted all skeptics particularly when the sexual orientation lopsidedness in Kuwaiti politics is very bad.

In the mean time, there are already two other female ministers holding post in the government but the position of finance minister being held by a woman was most likely a fantasy in Kuwait. Disappointedly, a section of individuals feel that they reserve the privilege to straightforwardly assault Al-Aqeel on different pretexts all because of her sexual orientation.

Obviously, this portrays how Gender uniformity for women in Kuwait and the whole Gulf region still has a long way to go.

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