Marlin Is Ghana’s First All-inclusive Resort With Spectacular Facilities

The Marlin Resort

I had visited a few resorts before this anxious excursion to Marlin Resort in Ghana. And on arrival, I was stunned at the edifice, ambiance and sort of lodgings and entertainment here. The loosening up environment is simply unimaginable. Visitors ought to make a trip to this resort their top priority.

It’s interesting that a lot of tourists, both domestic and international, have come here to feel at home. Marlin Resort is one of Ghana’s best options, located on the coast between Gomoa Fetteh and Gomoa Nyanyanor and less than an hour drive from Accra.

It has a wavy stretch of golden beach sand and a captivating seafront that always inspires fun and relaxation. Marlin Resort is an incredible destination as well as a stunning sight to behold.

The 95 contemporary and spacious rooms and suites at the Marlin Resort, a four-star hotel, offer an impressive experience with views of the stunning skyline of the breath-taking Hills or our fascinating outdoor swimming pool, in-house gardens, and the ocean.

In fact, the facilities here are beyond comprehension! The resort is uniquely defined by its restaurant, spa, rooftop bars, golf driving range, gym, and nightclub, among other amenities. In terms of entertainment, visitors can take in a stunning live band performance that “throbs” the soul with joy.

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In addition, you will receive excellent customer service, a world-class hotel with standard and deluxe rooms, natural surroundings, and more. One of the best parts is waking up to the tranquil sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, the delightful scent of exotic flowers, and the breathtaking sight of a beach with palm trees.

A vacation package that includes everything is guaranteed here at Marlin Resort. Clearly, this is a home away from home for all tourists. According to records, a huge number of people both in Ghana and outside the country have visited the Marlin Resort to twist off, unwind and to have gatherings and parties.


Marlin Resort sits on the coast between Gomoa Fetteh & Gomoa Nyanyanor in the central region. Gomoa East district is one of the twenty-two districts in this region of ghana.

In 1988, it was a part of the larger Gomoa district. On February 29, 2008, the eastern part of the district was split off to form the first Gomoa east district, with Gomoa Afransi as its capital. Later, it was divided into two new districts. The remaining part was renamed as Gomoa West district.

The district assembly is located in the Southeast part of Central Region and has pots in as its capital town.

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