Mary Njoku Tells Nigerians To Stop Praying. This Is Why

Mary Njoku

A number of Nigerians are getting ready to vote for their favorite candidate on the big day of the Nigerian General Elections, which comes off on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

In keeping with this, Mary Njoku, a Nigerian actress and producer, has offered her recommendations for how Nigerians should react to the forthcoming elections.

The actress stated that God has never punished corrupt politicians in Nigeria, despite all the prayers offered by Nigerians, and that this may be a sign that Nigerians should stop interfering with God Almighty’s ability to resolve issues. However, she suggests that they ought to resolve their issues on their own.

In her Instagram story post, Njoku said that the country has a lot of churches and mosques, but there are still basic problems there.

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The Actress, founder of ROK TV channels (DSTV and SKY) and Director of ROK Studios Nigeria warned that the nation would fail if this attitude continued, writing that Nigeria needed to be more in tune and address physical issues head-on rather than waiting for spiritual intervention.

“Dear Nigerians, We have physical problems. Stop invoking spiritual solutions. Nigeria has a high number of churches and mosques so we have plenty of anointing. But we don’t have food, infrastructure, security, health care, roads and physical justice. Jesus fed the crowd with physical bread and fish. Not Spiritual. Even with all our prayers God still never punish the bad politicians. Isn’t this a sign that we should stop disturbing him with our physical problems! If you don’t want him, vote against him on Saturday!!!”

Meanwhile, most Nigerians has agreed that this year’s election is one of the fiercest the country has ever seen.

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