McDonald’s Is Temporarily Closing Its 850 Restaurants In Russia

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McDonald’s opened up its first restaurant in the Soviet Union, serving a record of 30,000 customers in a solitary first day of the opening in 1990. In any case, after over thirty years in Russia, the food joint is currently moving out of the country.

The famous American chain is leaving Russia and its 62,000 workers as many Western brands leave the country following its attack of Ukraine.

It was very early in the morning (4 a.m.) and a stream of Russians had already started queueing outside the building of McDonald’s in the freezing winter cold, hours before opening time.

When the doors opened, many hungry, packaged up Muscovites hurried in for their very first taste of this outsider creation: the Big Mac.

It was January of 1990 and McDonalds was opening its absolute first restaurant in the Soviet Union, becoming one of only a handful of exceptional Western organizations to break the Iron Curtain in its last days as it gradually opened up to the world.

At the time, numerous Russians were eager. Stores habitually ran out of food and needed the greater part of the items that existed in the Western world.

Several people complained that, there were no stores and food joints, and so McDonald’s was more of a ‘saviour’ for them. The McDonald’s ended up having to stay open several hours past its official closing time due to the high demand, and served a whopping 30,000 customers on its opening day – a record for the iconic American chain.

Of course, in the 32 years since, Russia has become a capitalist haven, replete with thousands of recognizable Western brands and foreign investment.

But in the weeks following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of its neighbor Ukraine and amid global condemnation, most of these brands have shut their doors, either closing temporarily or vacating the country entirely.

McDonald’s says it’s selling Russia business after beforehand stopping activities because of Ukraine war. So the scenes from 1990 have nearly rehashed the same thing thirty years after the fact, though in a totally different setting.

When McDonald’s announced the impermanent shutting of its in excess of 800 restaurant in Russia toward the beginning of March 2022, preceding the current week’s decision to leave the country forever, long queues were seen outside its offices as Russians came to get what could be their last-ever sumptuous hamburgers and French fries.

To an age of Russians, McDonald’s — generally alluded to as MakDak — was an entrancing peculiarity, during their visit in the country. Obviously associated with the American culture, yet especially part of their day to day routines and, as it were, less unfamiliar or outsider than numerous different brands.

The burger chain will currently sell its business, which incorporated approximately 847 cafés, saying that the “philanthropic emergency brought about by the conflict in Ukraine, and the hastening eccentric working climate, have driven McDonald’s to reason that proceeded with responsibility for business in Russia is now not viable, nor is it predictable with McDonald’s values.

President of McDonald’s Chris Kempczinski said he was glad for each of the organization’s workers used in Russia and that the decision was very hard to make. He additionally said that the workers will keep on being paid until the business is sold and that “workers have future work with any likely purchaser.

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McDonald’s write-off from leaving Russia will be between $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion, the organization said. Just closing its restaurants for the first few weeks in Russia had hit its earnings significantly, costing it $127 million last quarter. Together with its 108 restaurants in Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian business made up about 9% of McDonald’s revenue in 2021.

But McDonalds, unlike a can of Pepsi or a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, “was a totally immersive experience of capitalism’s sensual joys,” she said.

Meanwhile, some Russians have encouraged replacing Western chains with Russian-made brands, and at this point are perfectly capable of making their own burgers and other fast food products.

There has also been a push by some to ditch American-style food as a whole in favor of local dishes, as much of the country rejects Western symbols out of patriotism.

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