Me And My Left Brain – The Movie That Will Crack Your Ribs

The best piece of comedy is the way they recuperate you from all related stress at that moment. That is the reason one would you watch parody movies when the children are starving.

Watching a motion picture with funnies is one of the best thing you can ever have, and one of them you must watch is: Me And My Left Brain. This is a serious comedy film with a Runtime of 77 minutes and a Ratings of 7. This is the manner by which the plot goes: A noble man called Arthur who experiences Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has spent the most recent couple of months making some decent memories with Helen.

In any case, he doesn’t really have the foggiest idea where his confidence lies and where he remains with her. With the assistance of his exceptionally energetic next-door neighbour Vivien, Arthur gathered the greatest mental fortitude to call on Helen and have a one communication with her to see if she genuinely adores him and where she remains with him.

This is a must-watch motion picture on account of the passionate story in addition to the comic side that accompanies it. It is directed by Alex Lykos.

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