Media Mogul Abeiku Santana Has A Second Master’s Degree

Abeiku Santana

Radio and television character Gilbert Aggrey, prominently known as “Abeiku Santana,” has procured one more Graduate degree from the College of Ghana Business college in Marketing Strategy.

Santana is a famous veteran with extensive expertise in public relations, and marketing, including relationship marketing, brand strategy, social marketing, strategic management, and marketing research.

Abeiku Santana continued to develop a keen interest in the hospitality industry and its dynamic nature throughout his time at the UGBS.

His research on service quality and hotel performance following COVID-19 has received a lot of attention. His research aimed to explore how service quality affects the performance of hotels in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pertinent issue in the hospitality industry.

How Important Is Having A Masters Degree?

Abeiku Santana holds a Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the University of Cape Coast and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration from GIMPA, in addition to his Master’s degree in Marketing Strategy from the University of Ghana Business School.

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