Meet Kuukua Eshun – The Filmmaker Focused On Mental Health And Other Women Issues

Kuukua Eshun

There are many young women out there, who are exceeding expectations in their field of endeavor without essentially relying upon somebody before being successful. Each and everyday, at least one of these women springs up to demonstrate to the world that, women can also do it.

One of such people is Kuukua Eshun.

Kuukua is a Ghanaian-American movie maker who is based in the U.S and Ghana simultaneously. She is perceived as perhaps the best filmmaker, and has written movies that are based on social issues and psychological well-being.

Her movies have been screened at various festivals and many countries around the globe.

One of her motion pictures that recently won her an award on the 30th of June, 2020 is ‘Act Of Love’. Because of the good contents and messages behind the film, it won an award at the Worldwide Womens’ Film Festival for the best special visualization in Sapin.

The 25 year old was additionally chosen by the European Union for the 2020 European Film Festival. Her campaign has seen her speak at elevated level platforms globally including Ohio State University, the University of Cincinnati, Ghana International school (Detroit in the U.S and Accra, J-Force conference and numerous other platforms.

Kuukua as of late, worked together with the UNFPA Ghana to hold a mending meeting for young women who are overcomers of sexual assault, which is a significant issue around the globe.

Kuukua’s affection for what she is doing has seen her fellow benefactor Boxedkids, an organization prioritized in the ultimate purpose of providing an education to the youth of Jamestown, Ghana.

Fortunately, her work at Boxedkids has been perceived by persuasive bodies like the Skoll world forum, Embassy of Netherlands, Suitcase Mag, Nataal, Ignant, and many others.

As a prime supporter of Skate Gal Club in Ghana, her significant objective is to make a protected space for ladies in sports on the African landmass.

Kuukua is without a doubt an awesome filmmaker who keeps on recounting stories that matter through her specialty and work.

She has won honors in her field of filmmaking including:

Best Shorts Awards ( La Jolla, California, December 2019, Artist, Act of love) Award of Recognition.

Worldwide Women’s Film Festival ( Phoenix, Arizona, February 2020, Artist, Act of Love ) Best Visual Effects.

Independent Shorts Awards ( Hollywood, California, February 2020, Artist, Act of Love)

Best Cinematography: Artist, Act of Love by Kuukua Eshun

And many others

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