Meet One Of The Beautiful African Women In The World!

Jawahir Ahmed

They say: Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer and each eye determines what is lovely to it. There are a few ladies around the globe who have been forced by individuals to go and conceivably proceed to contest for a beauty pageant because of their physical attractiveness.

The real fact is that, there are numerous beautiful women who actually, would prefer not to be a part of these beauty shows, yet have all the qualities to be in every beauty pageant.

Other charming ladies also participate in such events and win without a doubt. One of such people is Jawahir Ahmed. The Somali-American model is named as one of the beautiful ladies in the world.

Jawahir Ahmed challenged for Miss Africa Utah in the name of Somalia in 2013 and won. That same year, she went for Miss Somalia and Miss United Nations USA pageant and was crowned Miss Congeniality, which was an excellent position for Somalia.

In one of the Women’s History month, the Miss Africa U.S.A honored Jawahir Ahmed for her inward beauty as well and not just the physical looks. Jawahir Ahmed has also demonstrated that Muslim women can do this without defying the decrees or norms of Islam. The main thing ladies need is dynamism and confidence.

Ahmed who is also a philanthropist has given some assistance to such huge numbers of people and groups in assorted manners including financials, trainings and different backings. The 29 year old was born to Somali parents in the United States when they moved to America during the civil war in Somalia.

Jawahir Ahmed who is learning at the Utah University in the U.S on scholarship, is pleased to school here as this is the place she was conceived. She is reading Health Education with a specialization in Health Sciences, and wants to in the long run fill in as a wellbeing counsel for Engineers Without Borders.

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As beautiful as she looks, Ahmed, hopes to touch many lives through her major Health course particularly psychological health issues. She is simultaneously working for AmeriCorps and the CPASS school readiness program.

Jawahir Ahmed always advocates for Muslim women to wear head scarves. Regardless of whether it’s for religious purposes, or personal reasons. Interestingly, Ahmed has been in beauty pageants with her hair constantly covered up.

Along these lines, she was invited as an observing judge at the Miss Muslimah World Pageant 2014 in Indonesia. She also represented as Miss Africa USA at the World Muslimah Awards.

Jawahir Ahmed is additionally a human rights defender and has worked for AmeriCorps, America Reads and VISTA as a volunteer and tutor.

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